Business Success Topics – Combining Direct Sales and Internet Marketing

In 2010 and the years to come the way we do business is really broken down into two parts:1)Direct Sales2)Internet MarketingWhen I first became involved with my first Multi Level Marketing Business the way you did things was by DIRECT SALES.You know get your product demo’s and head out to companies or make appointments from a list that you either created yourself over time or purchased. Every once in a while some one would show interest in doing the same thing as you to make extra money. That is direct sales and how you went about putting your sales team together.I was an Independent Business Owner with this company for five years. During this time through the methods I was using I was able to build a sizable group. If the truth be told that is not were the money was made, it was made from my direct sales to customers. Granted the residual income was created when I signed a person into my organization.Yes doing business in this fashion a person can make enough money to live some what of a lifestyle but still be married to his/her business. Keep in mind doing business in this fashion also is very time consuming and has a cost attached to it. You could generate enough accounts were you could hire someone to maintain those accounts to free you up to live your dreams.Business became a lot easier when the world wide web was introduced to the world. Utilizing the Internet to build a Multi Level Business has gone threw several phases. As people became more educated and tried new things people started to realize what they have been missing in business all along.The big thing about doing business on the Internet is to use Attraction Marketing. You can gather and send out your message to a lot more people then you could before the Internet was used for business. By having a virtual business you have no over head,no employees and your business is open 24/7 all year long.Now that I have talked a little about each separately, let us talk about how to combine Direct Sales and Internet Marketing.To combine the two is a real easy task. By just doing Internet Marketing by itself leaves out a lot of face to face interactions. How much can you really get to know a person three phone calls,e-mail,webinars and all of the Social Media sites?The key to combining the two is the people you meet threw your Internet connections is to do whatever it takes to meet them face to face as soon as you can. When it comes to Direct Sales you need to introduce those contacts to the way you do business on the Internet.When you find a person that is a really good in Direct Sales and introduce them to someone really good at using the Internet that combination is going to come up with new exciting ideas and there business is going to explode.In summary you can do just Direct Sales and Internet Marketing but when you combine the two you will see something extremely magical happen in your life and business.Just remember we all are on a journey to achieve our goals and dreams so live life to the fullest and most of all have fun while you are doing it!written by:Mark WezykFreedomteamleader