5 Steps to Creating A Total Short Sale Marketing Solution

Dominating your market with short sale listings takes a balanced approach. To keep costs in-line that approach won’t likely include marketing methods like newspapers, billboards, or television ads. Yes, it would be nice to have a total media blitz that provided prospects throughout your city the opportunity to use your services, but when you spend too much money acquiring your customers you won’t be left with a net income.

To reach home owners in need doesn’t require branding. It doesn’t even require a certification. To help you get listings and the home owner to be relieved from their home that lacks equity, we invite you to consider the following 5 steps to creating your own short sale marketing solution.

Not just any website will do. To have a website that helps you with your marketing efforts have it focused on the pain of the short sale prospect. Have a section dedicated to asking “common questions” about the process of selling a home without equity. Give them an opportunity to find out more about how your process is different by requesting information easily. Share with them happy testimonials of other clients you have helped to help them see they are not alone.

Social Networking
While some people may be embarrassed that they need to sell they are still talking about. Invite people into the conversation and let them know there are ways to save their credit and avoid foreclosure. Create a balanced social networking presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to share information and call prospects to action.

Email Autoresponder
How are you following up with the prospects that aren’t ready this minute? Are you giving them an opportunity to hear from you over time? Consider having an email autoresponder that follows up with prospects for 30, 40 or even 50 days. Make different calls to action from calling you to emailing you to allow prospects to reach you in the methods that they feel most comfortable with.

Direct Mail
A complete short sale marketing solution wouldn’t be complete without direct mail. While many avoid direct mail it still gives you one of the most powerful ways to reach prospects. To get people to respond consider having both postcards and sales letters. Your call to action should be obvious in less than 10 seconds and it should be easy for people to get more information (phone or website).

Phone Scripts
Short sale leads are great, but when you can’t convert them it won’t help you generate listings. Have a series of questions that you can ask the home owner that will reveal if they are worthy of your time. Your phone scripts should only be questions and when they are your conversion rate for more listing appointments will be massive.

When you have a website, a social networking presence, a detailed email sequence, powerful direct mail and phone scripts that convert prospects into leads you will have a marketing solution that will bring you fresh business daily.

Discover the shortcut to putting short sale marketing into action today with a complete system that includes postcards, sales letters and more.

Todd Bates is a national Marketing and Business coach. Through his programs, such as Todd Bates Systems, he shares innovative systems to help businesses owners and sales professionals dramatically grow their sales.

The Best Business Model For Internet Marketing – You Can Profit From Internet Marketing

There are many different ways a person can make an income online through internet marketing. This industry is absolutely booming. Potential customers are now relying on the Internet for information and products. Due to this massive surge in the uprising of the amount of consumers present online, there are many options for a person who is looking to make money from the comfort of their own home. The best business model for Internet marketing is created through integrating your marketing efforts with a well established company.

There are two options that many people find to be extremely profitable. These two options include affiliate marking and direct sales marketing. These two business strategies can be profitable for people who have no prior business or marketing experience.

The reason why anyone can profit from these two business types is due to the simplicity of the business structure provided by these industries. There are many companies who have a turnkey system that is ready for anyone to plug in their own efforts into the business. When a person brings more sales to a company, they too get to profit from the increased revenue the business generates from those new customers.

This is why the best business model for Internet marketing is so profitable for beginners and experienced business professionals. There are large businesses that have already established the technical aspects of their operation, such as the manufacturing process and distribution channels, that anyone can profit from. The manufacturing process and the distribution channels are often the most difficult aspects during the establishment of any business. If you’re just starting a business, these two aspects of business operations often hinder your capabilities for starting your own company.

When you have a distribution channel and manufacturing process that you can take advantage of with your own marketing efforts, you can greatly increase the amount of revenue you can earn from the very beginning of your online marketing strategies. There are very low start-up costs when you integrate your own efforts with businesses like these as well. The only start-up cost you have to face is the actual marketing of the products that are available to you.

There are two great options you can choose from if you wish to market from the comfort of your home. One option is affiliate marketing and the other is direct sales marketing. Affiliate marketing is the integration of your own marketing strategies with the products of a current brand. Major brand names are resorting to this marketing strategy in order to lower the costs associated with their marketing techniques. Another option is direct sales marketing. If you use direct sales marketing, you’ll be marketing products that are manufactured by other companies, but you may have your own storefront or website that advertises the actual product.

Both online marketing company structures can be a great way to profit online. The best business model for Internet marketing is an advertising strategy that uses the products of a well established enterprise for marketing campaigns. When you can easily profit from the products of another business and their existing website, it is easy to increase the amount of income your own website creates. Affiliate marketing is also a great way to increase the reputation of your marketing business. The reason why you become more reputable when you are marketing affiliate products is due to the fact that the customer is buying from the main manufacturer’s website. You’ll simply be a middleman during the purchase process. You still get a large share of the profits though, so this is why affiliate marketing is a very profitable business opportunity for anyone looking to make some extra income online.

The primary reason why people are able to generate such large revenues online is due to the fact that many people are resorting to online stores for purchasing products. As more and more people realize that it is very easy to purchase the products they desire online, the demand is going to become even larger, and the profits will be even greater in the future for online affiliates and direct sales marketers.

How To Generate Targeted Traffic Through Direct Mail List

Where To Order A Direct Mail List

If you are interested in expanding your business, one area you will want to pursue is direct mail marketing. In order to have a truly successful campaign, however, you will want to ensure that your direct mail list is up to date and that the leads you have are current and pertain to your specific business. This is where you should choose your mailing list provider carefully.

There are many businesses offering to sell mail leads, however you do need to be careful when deciding which company to use. Some of the lists that are compiled are either old and outdated or they are merely a collection of random addresses that are not really focused or targeted at all. The best providers will offer you lists of potential new customers who have expressed interest in your area of expertise, often gleaned from sites that are specifically focused on certain services.

When looking to buy lists you should also look for a company with great customer support as they can often help you narrow down your exact requirements. There are many different list options and it can take time to find one that is just right for your business thus, you should also look for companies that allow you to test different list options before actually buying. Direct mailing list services are actually quite competitive which, as a customer, works to your advantage in that you can often try services before needing to commit to actually subscribing to one.

You will probably find that consumer and business lists are slightly more reliable than residential lists, though if you buy from the right lead company the difference between the two should be negligible. Prices will vary depending upon the information you request. While telephone numbers can be included with a mail list they are often not. If you need telephone contact information also, or any other information such as email addresses, be sure to specify that when placing your order.

In summary, look for a company that will allow you to test their services, that has good customer service and that provides you with current mailing addresses.