Mobile (Cell Phone) Marketing And Running TV Ads

The 2 newest ways to market your product or service is with mobile cell phones, and using television advertising. Well TV advertising has been around for a while now, but more and more new services are allowing you to run TV commercials for a low cost. One such option is called Google TV.

This is an attempt to take over a specific niche in their marketplace. But even with new tools such as Google TV, that still doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a viable marketing strategy. The cost of running local TV ads doesn’t cost as much when compared to running a commercial on a TV network like

Yet nevertheless, if you have the money to do it, run a local TV ad. You’ll get massive exposure and the chances of someone calling in your number for your offer will skyrocket tenfold. But you have to be worried about the tire kickers. These are the people who will just waste your time, by asking you a variety of thorny questions. So ignore these people because they are irrelevant to you.

Instead, focus on getting a response. Make sure you lead with a good headline, you have a strong description, and a good call to action. It would be even nicer if you could hire a celebrity endorsement to promote your products for you. It doesn’t have to be someone major like the Mayor or something. Instead, it could be a local celebrity that most households know about.

No matter how you go about getting the referral, it has to start with your customer. Treat them like gold and you’ll find yourself getting referrals almost unconsciously. Customers only want to refer people that they know and like. So if you can get on your customers’ good side, you will be able to generate as much sales and profits that you can handle.

Now the next thing that I would like to talk about is cell phone marketing. This is also known as Mobile Marketing, and it’s becoming a powerful marketing tactic for business owners of all kinds. Before you start implementing mobile marketing into your business, make sure that your website shows up properly on cell phones.

I made the mistake once of building a website that took me 2 months to create, and I had no idea as to why it wasn’t showing up properly on cell phones. I got sales, but I’m willing to bet that I was losing a lot of sales during this entire time.

You don’t have to worry about losing money because now that you are armed with this information, you should be using mobile marketing in your business today.

This is a market in and of itself, so it’s something that you should be using right away if you want make more money in a hurry. But don’t take my word for it – go out there and starting using this technique to have the most success as possible in your business.

Good luck with using these tips to boost your business today.

Planning Your Local Business Marketing

When planning your local business marketing, replicating what practically all major advertisers do is a good idea. Local businesses of all sizes, particularly smaller concerns with more limited resources, can follow the same methods as far as time and budgets permit. These marketing methods already have many of the bugs worked out, but a business must take the first step in planning a marketing campaign of clearing the decks of opinions, theories and conjectures. This allows for a much more creative and “organic” approach to the campaign.

A second step should be to find a scientific method of testing the real strength of the different advertisements on the local level, as well as the various advertising media, such as publications, broadcasting, outdoor and direct mail advertising.

This takes a three-phase approach. The first phase is initial testing. Test the different ads, commercials, Internet sites, and direct mailing packages against one another in their own media. The second phase for the business is to expand testing of winners. Once the company have found what works best in each medium, test a much expanded list of individual publications and sites on the Internet, radio stations, or direct mail against one another. Phase three is learning from the results. As a business learns from what works and does not work, it will be testing whole media, such as newspapers, magazines, the Internet and broadcasting, against one another for future attempts at selling similar products or services. In other words, a business is not only testing individual newspapers or the sites on the Internet against one another, the business is, at the same time, testing newspapers as a class against the Internet against direct mail, and so on, to learn how each class ranks in providing cost-effective sales results. They may in the end be used together to garner even more new customers from different genres for a more effective campaign.

This preliminary three-phase research takes time. The smart business will allow for the time, as it is well spent. To get started on the right foot, to find the right appeal and the right place for local business marketing, is so important that other considerations are insignificant by comparison. Finding the right appeal is part of this process, and the local demand for a product or service will surface during and after the research is conducted. Discovering the most effective appeal can be difficult, because often there are many seemingly attractive appeals. The optimal appeal will drive future marketing efforts in part or as a whole, and it will inevitably lead to a successful campaign.

Reach More Customers With Direct Marketing

Direct marketing, including direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing, is the most traditional and cost effective form of advertising. While television and radio advertisements have the ability to bring in a lot of business, they are expensive and cannot target an ultra-specific audience. Direct marketing, however, has the ability to focus on a specific group of people and present them messages tailored distinctively for them.Direct marketing encompasses the traditional method of direct mail, as well as telemarketing. Email marketing is also a very low cost method of advertising that is sent to consumers directly. In an effort to cut down on waste and build a customer base, direct marketing requires a significant amount of research. Defining your target audience will help you streamline your message and send materials directly to those folks, instead of blanketing a region with the same, generic message. This research is an ongoing process, and should be constantly tweaked as a result of the response you receive.The goal of direct marketing is simple: Turn people into customers through a series of advertisements that peak their interest. Peaking their interest can be a challenging task. Direct mail can be seen as “junk mail” and thrown out before it is even fully read. How often have you received “junk mail” and thrown it out before reading it? Think about what it would take for a piece of direct mail to grab your attention and cause you to read it. Put those characteristics into your direct mail. In order to grab the attention of a perspective customer, you must make your direct mail stand out. Use a simplistic, yet eye-catching, design and copy that is compelling and inspires the reader to take action.It is easy to send out a mass email or mass direct mail campaign that encompasses a wide area of people with a picture of your product and it’s price. However, this is not the most effective way of direct marketing. Research must be done to tailor your advertisements to a select group of people. Let’s say you’re in the electronics business. About 150 of your clients and people who give feedback either in-store or online are people who regularly buy surround sound speakers. Shouldn’t your message to them specifically target their interest in surround sound speakers? Finding a group of people who show interest in a particular product makes it easy to craft a direct mail or email advertisement that peaks interest and inspires people to become either first-time or repeat customers.The next time you are trying to figure out how to reach more people and increase your bottom line, consider the proven effective strategies of direct marketing. Putting time and effort into the proper research to craft an advertisement that is compelling will surely pay off in the long run and significantly increase your profit margin.