A Crash Course in Direct Mail May Help Get Business Leads

Today’s businesses are looking for an advantage to help them weather the storm and avoid layoffs or losses in revenue. That’s why companies are focusing on a single task to stay afloat – increasing sales.

Typically a recession drives small businesses to evaluate, re-design and refine their product offerings and marketing processes as they focus on cash flow, costs, customer retention and survival.

There has been an upsurge in Internet and email marketing, yet many top decision-makers in businesses nationwide and even globally still rely on traditional marketing tactics such as direct mail when positioning products, developing media strategies.

In fact, in the past, some people predicted email and online marketing would put an end to direct mail. The Winterberry Group estimated that direct mail spending would be at around $65 billion in 2009.

What is happening now is called “integrated marketing” where traditional direct mail, and television or radio advertising is integrated with online advertising, resulting in even better results and bigger revenues.

It is essential for business marketers to research and learn how to be innovative, send the right message to the right person, and create new opportunities for increasing their revenues despite the economic climate.

According to the U.S. A survey entitled the Postal Service’s Household Diary study was released in August 2009 and stated advertising mail spending was at $59.7 billion in the year 2008, accounting for 22 percent of all advertising spending and ranked only below television, while overall households received 99.about 6 billion pieces of advertising mail in 2008.

This is why small businesses need to learn learn insightful direct mail information about understanding list opportunities, improving mail delivery and reducing postage costs, including:

Direct mail is all about the numbers, benefits and expectations. learn how to design a business marketing plan that will turn expectations into revenues. You also need to write compelling copy targeting recipients and maximizing responses. Marketers can use offers and a call-to-action to increase conversion rates and return on investment. You MUST test and track direct mail successes for increasingly effective campaigns. -Identify the right prospects.

Enrich your customer base for better results, and learn how analytics can help target prospects most likely to do business with you. Marketers can choose from more than 40,000 available lists to get the best response rate. More importantly, learn how to maximize on-time mail delivery through effective address hygiene. You can identify the “money wasters” in your mailing lists. Taking advantage of postage discounts for mailings is important, and you should learn how to use drop shipping to enhance delivery and cut costs. One last tip – your mail can be tracked through the mail stream with the USPS’s Intelligent Mail Bar Code.

If you research online, you will learn the answers to the above pointers, you will know how to get new customers, increase your return on investment(ROI)and create comelling direct mail that drives customers.

Check out any one of the direct mail and marketing trade organizations like the Direct Marketing Association.(DMA) They provide a range of current research and resources relating to every aspect of direct marketing, including books, research and other useful resources.

There are also many localized marketers that have set up direct mail crash courses so you can learn more.

How Automated Lead Generation Systems Can Prevent Network Marketing Failure

Many network marketing companies feature high quality products, solid support systems and compensation plans that have allowed savvy marketers to achieve financial independence while working from the comfort of their own homes. The network marketing industry has been experiencing tremendous growth since the 1960s and in all likelihood will continue this growth trend for many years to come despite the dismal economic environment.

Although the following statistics are few years old, they are still relevant. Data compiled in the 2004 US Census Bureau shows that 19.5 million Americans are self-employed, and their numbers are steadily increasing. Between 2003 and 2004, the number of self-employed grew by 1 million (about 4.7%). Generally, these businesses account for 70% of all US businesses and generate annual receipts exceeding $887 billion. Since 2004 this trend has undoubtedly increased. Current economic instability is forcing people to realize that the concept job security is antiquated and they are desperately seeking alternative ways to produce income.

Individuals who choose network marketing to achieve entrepreneurial success have tremendous advantages in comparison to conventional business models. The primary advantages are low start-up and operating costs. Just about anyone can literally start a network marketing business in a matter of minutes and run it on a shoestring budget.

However, there are forces present in the network marketing industry that tend to mitigate those advantages and make it difficult for many network marketers to achieve the success they seek. Many of the core marketing techniques for sales lead generation that have been the mainstay of the network marketing industry for decades are outdated and not nearly as effective as they use to be. However, they are still widely promoted and practiced throughout the industry. Some of techniques to which I am referring are:

  • 3-Way Calling
  • Cold Calling
  • Warm List Marketing (chasing friends, family, and co-workers)
  • 3 Foot Rule (bothering strangers about a business opportunity)
  • 1-On-1 Presentations
  • Drop Cards
  • Memorizing Phone Scripts
  • Buying Opportunity Seeker Leads
  • Directing Prospects to Replicated Websites
  • Wrestling With Prospects Over Phone
  • Throwing House Parties
  • Giving away free product samples
  • Giving away free sales aids (Audio Tapes, CDs, Brochures)

The main reason why these techniques are ineffective is because they are simply not efficient in terms of both labor and cost for consistently generating sales compared to more effective direct response marketing methods. Yet they remain popular with many network marketers because they are relatively easy to understand and implement.

Individuals who manage to achieve success with these methods are working much harder than is actually necessary. So what are the most effective marketing methods for achieving a high degree of success with network marketing?

By harnessing the power of fully automated direct response marketing systems, methodologies, and relationship building protocols anyone can achieve phenomenal success in network marketing with relative ease. Discover how to assemble an automated sales machine consisting of:

  • Targeted Advertising – focus advertising efforts on people most likely to purchase goods or services
  • Lead Capture Pages – automatically capture prospects’ information and expose them to information designed to induce sales
  • Pre-Sell Pages – Familiarize prospects with a product or service and provide a unique selling proposition
  • Autoresponder Messages – systematically expose prospects to messages designed to educate them about you and your business
  • Video – incorporate video into web pages and messages to enhance the absorbsion
  • Blogs – create a web log or online diary about your business, marketing experiences and select personal information to build credibility and provide content for search engines that results in a steady stream of free web site visitors

Once these components are setup, tested and activated either of the following two scenarios will automatically occur depending on what is being sold and the nature of the business.

  1. Prospects will make purchases without any direct contact with the seller.
  2. Prospects interested and eager to make a purchase will contact the seller to obtain minor clarification before making a final purchase decision.

Building an automatic sales machine consisting of at least a lead capture page, pre-sell page and an autoresponder message series will require time, effort and monetary expense. However, the time, effort and expense is far less than you may think due to powerful and inexpensive productivity tools and services that are available. To learn more about how easy it can be to create your own fully automated sales machine, please refer the resource information below.

Two Types of Advertising Strategies That Every Marketer Should Know About

If you are an internet marketer, you undoubtedly will have paid quite a bit of attention to any advertisements that you see on TV or read in magazines. You may have noticed the various forms of advertising strategies that marketers use to promote their products. This article will introduce you to two basic strategies used in advertising. You may find it profitable to implement certain aspects into your ad campaigns.

The Direct Method

The direct method of advertising is used when a product has many favorable features. Newer products that possess innovative features which are not found in competing products or products that are superior in these features can be promoted using the direct method.

The direct method involves highlighting these special features in the hopes that the consumer will be influenced positively in their buying decision. For example a car that uses hybrid fuel cells and can run on gasoline and electricity, will have these features highlighted. A TV that has an incredibly thin profile and 3d capabilities is a more current example of a product subject to the direct method of advertising.

The Indirect Method

This strategy is employed when there aren’t too many special features of a product. In this scenario, the advertiser may try to bypass the thought process of the consumer and appeal to the consumer’s emotions such as fear, pleasure, desire etc. If you see an ad that vaguely shows a family in a car driving happily, there’s a chance that this product doesn’t have many clear advantages featurewise over the competition.

The indirect method can also be utilized when a company wishes to promote a product line instead of an individual product. We’ve all seen the Sony Bravia line of TVs. In this case, in order to promote the entire footprint of the newly launched line of televisions, Sony launched the colorful bouncy ball campaigns.

So how do these strategies apply to the internet marketer? Well you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to promoting a product whether it be physical or informational. However by integrating both of these very basic methods and highlighting the special features as well as trying to draw the consumer into getting emotionally involved, you can maximise the persuasive potential of your ad.

That’s it for now, but I will be adding more detailed strategy articles in the future so stay tuned. Hope this helps!

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