Direct Email Marketing – Why Publish an EZine?

Direct email marketing is one of the many business that makes Internet so great. One especially effective way to use it is through having your own ezine or newsletter. With an ezine, you can write for a couple of hours a week and make a full time income.

Basically, having an ezine business model entails that you periodically send out an email newsletter to your subscribers. One really great thing about this is that you don’t even have to send out the messages manually, you can automate the entire process with an email autoresponder. The autoresponder will even send messages on specific days that you designate.

Even better, as an ezine publisher, you don’t even have to have a product to sell to make money. You can make a very nice living recommending the products of others and getting a commission from them. It isn’t uncommon to make thousands of dollars after sending an email that takes 5 minutes to write in which you recommend another persons products. Using direct email marketing will make you easy money.

In addition, not only can you easily have the benefits a publisher of a conventional print newsletter enjoys without having to kill dozens of trees, you can also rapidly spread your expertise and marketing influence to your base of subscribers as an ordinary individual from the privacy of your home.

In other words, there is no need to invest in expensive printing equipment, or hiring a staff which is going to do nothing but cause a lot of stress and waste a lot of your precious time.

If you want to start an ezine, all you really need is a an autoresponder subscription which will allow you to automate the process of sending emails, as well as ensuring that most of your emails are delivered in this era of spam emails gone wild.

So if you don’t want to create your own product, there is still hope for you to have a successful Internet business. Creating a product is always an option, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. By using direct email marketing and publishing an ezine, you can make money without needing to promote your own products. And who wouldn’t be interested in working less than 10 hours a week and pulling in a full time income?

A Crash Course in Direct Mail May Help Get Business Leads

Today’s businesses are looking for an advantage to help them weather the storm and avoid layoffs or losses in revenue. That’s why companies are focusing on a single task to stay afloat – increasing sales.

Typically a recession drives small businesses to evaluate, re-design and refine their product offerings and marketing processes as they focus on cash flow, costs, customer retention and survival.

There has been an upsurge in Internet and email marketing, yet many top decision-makers in businesses nationwide and even globally still rely on traditional marketing tactics such as direct mail when positioning products, developing media strategies.

In fact, in the past, some people predicted email and online marketing would put an end to direct mail. The Winterberry Group estimated that direct mail spending would be at around $65 billion in 2009.

What is happening now is called “integrated marketing” where traditional direct mail, and television or radio advertising is integrated with online advertising, resulting in even better results and bigger revenues.

It is essential for business marketers to research and learn how to be innovative, send the right message to the right person, and create new opportunities for increasing their revenues despite the economic climate.

According to the U.S. A survey entitled the Postal Service’s Household Diary study was released in August 2009 and stated advertising mail spending was at $59.7 billion in the year 2008, accounting for 22 percent of all advertising spending and ranked only below television, while overall households received 99.about 6 billion pieces of advertising mail in 2008.

This is why small businesses need to learn learn insightful direct mail information about understanding list opportunities, improving mail delivery and reducing postage costs, including:

Direct mail is all about the numbers, benefits and expectations. learn how to design a business marketing plan that will turn expectations into revenues. You also need to write compelling copy targeting recipients and maximizing responses. Marketers can use offers and a call-to-action to increase conversion rates and return on investment. You MUST test and track direct mail successes for increasingly effective campaigns. -Identify the right prospects.

Enrich your customer base for better results, and learn how analytics can help target prospects most likely to do business with you. Marketers can choose from more than 40,000 available lists to get the best response rate. More importantly, learn how to maximize on-time mail delivery through effective address hygiene. You can identify the “money wasters” in your mailing lists. Taking advantage of postage discounts for mailings is important, and you should learn how to use drop shipping to enhance delivery and cut costs. One last tip – your mail can be tracked through the mail stream with the USPS’s Intelligent Mail Bar Code.

If you research online, you will learn the answers to the above pointers, you will know how to get new customers, increase your return on investment(ROI)and create comelling direct mail that drives customers.

Check out any one of the direct mail and marketing trade organizations like the Direct Marketing Association.(DMA) They provide a range of current research and resources relating to every aspect of direct marketing, including books, research and other useful resources.

There are also many localized marketers that have set up direct mail crash courses so you can learn more.

How to become a culinary instructor

Do you love cooking and want to share your passion with others? A culinary instructor is a person who trains others in cooking techniques as well as how to properly prepare dishes using skills like knife use, menu planning etc. Becoming a culinary instructor may seem hard, but its actually not that different from becoming a chef, wearing his fancy chef coats and waist apron (usually a waist apron with pockets to keep important tools in).

Here is a guide as to how to become a culinary instructor:

Take classes: This might be the most important part of being a culinary instructor; taking classes from professionals in the industry. You should take courses on proper knife skills, food safety management, and more. This way you have all of the knowledge necessary before beginning your career as an instructor.
Get certified: To become an official chef or cook, you have to get certified. With this comes a lot of responsibility and hard work, but it’s completely worth it when you finish.
To become an instructor for a school or business after completing all necessary courses, contact them directly. There usually aren’t any special requirements to become an instructor in most places besides having proper credentials from recognized bodies.

It is important for potential employers that you are knowledgeable about current food trends and safety standards around food preparation as well as being able to teach skills effectively through demonstrations and hands on learning experiences before they will consider hiring someone with not much experience under their belt. In order to keep up with changes in the culinary arts industry there may be times when you need to think about taking refresher courses or completing additional training to enhance your abilities in an area you may feel needs improvement.

Culinary instructors not only teach students how to prepare delicious dishes but also teach them the basic skills and other skills that are needed to become an effective cook. Culinary instructors also develop recipes, plan menus and purchase food for the school or restaurant they work at.