The Best Business Model For Internet Marketing – You Can Profit From Internet Marketing

There are many different ways a person can make an income online through internet marketing. This industry is absolutely booming. Potential customers are now relying on the Internet for information and products. Due to this massive surge in the uprising of the amount of consumers present online, there are many options for a person who is looking to make money from the comfort of their own home. The best business model for Internet marketing is created through integrating your marketing efforts with a well established company.

There are two options that many people find to be extremely profitable. These two options include affiliate marking and direct sales marketing. These two business strategies can be profitable for people who have no prior business or marketing experience.

The reason why anyone can profit from these two business types is due to the simplicity of the business structure provided by these industries. There are many companies who have a turnkey system that is ready for anyone to plug in their own efforts into the business. When a person brings more sales to a company, they too get to profit from the increased revenue the business generates from those new customers.

This is why the best business model for Internet marketing is so profitable for beginners and experienced business professionals. There are large businesses that have already established the technical aspects of their operation, such as the manufacturing process and distribution channels, that anyone can profit from. The manufacturing process and the distribution channels are often the most difficult aspects during the establishment of any business. If you’re just starting a business, these two aspects of business operations often hinder your capabilities for starting your own company.

When you have a distribution channel and manufacturing process that you can take advantage of with your own marketing efforts, you can greatly increase the amount of revenue you can earn from the very beginning of your online marketing strategies. There are very low start-up costs when you integrate your own efforts with businesses like these as well. The only start-up cost you have to face is the actual marketing of the products that are available to you.

There are two great options you can choose from if you wish to market from the comfort of your home. One option is affiliate marketing and the other is direct sales marketing. Affiliate marketing is the integration of your own marketing strategies with the products of a current brand. Major brand names are resorting to this marketing strategy in order to lower the costs associated with their marketing techniques. Another option is direct sales marketing. If you use direct sales marketing, you’ll be marketing products that are manufactured by other companies, but you may have your own storefront or website that advertises the actual product.

Both online marketing company structures can be a great way to profit online. The best business model for Internet marketing is an advertising strategy that uses the products of a well established enterprise for marketing campaigns. When you can easily profit from the products of another business and their existing website, it is easy to increase the amount of income your own website creates. Affiliate marketing is also a great way to increase the reputation of your marketing business. The reason why you become more reputable when you are marketing affiliate products is due to the fact that the customer is buying from the main manufacturer’s website. You’ll simply be a middleman during the purchase process. You still get a large share of the profits though, so this is why affiliate marketing is a very profitable business opportunity for anyone looking to make some extra income online.

The primary reason why people are able to generate such large revenues online is due to the fact that many people are resorting to online stores for purchasing products. As more and more people realize that it is very easy to purchase the products they desire online, the demand is going to become even larger, and the profits will be even greater in the future for online affiliates and direct sales marketers.

Secret Confessions of a Direct Response Marketing Pro

I’m going to go out on a limb and say something that may surprise you.

Everyone out there is either selling a product or service. No surprise there. But even those who are not in sales or marketing in any fashion actually are. Here’s why. Everyone out there has to ‘sell themselves’ in order to convert their ‘wants/desires’ into reality.

For example, if you are unemployed you would polish up your resume and send it off to prospective employers. If you think you deserve a promotion due to performance or tenure than you would have to convince your employer to see things in your eyes. Same goes for a pay raise. If you are a child and you want a toy you have to make a compelling argument why. Many more examples could follow but there is no room or time to expound.

Assuming you agree with what I am saying thus far, I’ll move into the meat and potatoes of this ezine article. Let’s look at one item in particular that has proven effective time and time again for anyone involved in direct response sales and marketing.

The Good ‘Ol Fashioned Stress Ball

Today, millions of people stuck in cubicles around the world will pick up one of these little babies and squeeze them repeatedly until the sudden onset of work-related tension they experienced subsides. As you can imagine, this happens repeatedly throughout the day for many folks who work in high stress-related environments. Without putting much thought into it, examples (you may call them prospects if you like) include those working in:

• customer service
• in-bound and outbound call centers
• telemarketers
• accountants
• executives in any industry
• computer programmers
• internet marketers
• and anyone who works on commission or sits behind a desk

What does Facebook®have in common with stress relief balls?

Those who are fortunate enough to make a living from a job that has little stress cannot escape the innate human response attached to squeezing a stress ball. Not so much because the act of squishing something is fun. No, I’m more interested in the psychological effects of the act itself.

Because the mere act of playing with it breaks up the monotony of the workday, it can become quite NATURAL for you to reach for a squishy stress relief ball any time the urge presents itself. And for those who get bored with their work quite often this can be many times.

How many times have you found yourself playing computer solitaire when no one is looking or checking your Facebook®page on company time? Most people are guilty of succumbing to acts like these.

And this leads me to the secret weapon the best direct response marketers and sales professionals use to their advantage: By giving away branded promotional items that beg to be “touched” or “played with” the amount of impressions created from the item are priceless. What you have is a silent salesperson working on your behalf without any of the added cost – and a reliable means of advertising that beats the cost-per-impression rates of any T.V. or radio commercial, magazine or newspaper print advertisement. That’ not my opinion; it’s a FACT.

Put your advertising on auto-pilot

All successful advertising has the same thing in common: consistency ultimately yields compliance. Remember the last time you went to watch the game at a sports bar and you were blanketed by a healthy mix of Budweiser commercials, Budweiser bucket specials, Budweiser coasters, Budweiser banners…you get the point. By the time the waitress came around you were ordering a bucket of Buds even though you drink imported beer.

Same goes for the stress relief balls – or any other promotional product that affords some sort of utility for the recipient. Your message, logo, name, contact info – whatever it is – gets subliminally implanted into their subconscious each and every day they see it or use it that the next time they need whatever you are selling they know exactly who to call. That promotional magnet with the pizza parlor’s number on it works the same way, as does that wall calendar with your realtor’s mug on it.

It’s almost as if stress relief balls and other highly effective promotional products put your advertising on auto-pilot so you can spend more time getting other things done.

P.S.Now you are aware of something the average sales person or marketer in your field overlooks. Now is the time to help your customers relieve their stress – and meet your quota – by leveraging this marketing weapon in your favor. And who knows… you might just get that elusive pay raise just for telling your boss another one of your brilliant ideas.

P.P.S.Just print this page out. It’ll show you actually did some research. But make sure to cut off the P.S. wording or you can kiss that raise goodbye.

Efoods Global in Depth Review – Multilevel Marketing Opportunity

Founded and directed by Steve Shenk, Efoods Global(EG) is a provider of packaged, low moisture and high nutrition foods directly to the costumer. The company is a source of high-quality foods that could be used daily or easily stored for years. Let’s take a deeper look into this opportunity.

Presenting a wide variety of food products, Efoods Global’s focus is on affordable, nutritious and delicious products. In our turbulent and unpredictable times, it is fairly easy for the average “Joe” to understand the importance of food availability and reserves. Food being one of the few vital daily needs, give Efoods Global product a strategic position. The company lets you taste 12 servings of their foods for free as an introduction to their business opportunity.

As a home based business opportunity, EG relies on their Independent Business Owners (IBO) success. EG earnings plan could be complicated to explain in a few words, but basically they organized the full structure on four trees, namely: enrollment tree, team commission tree, preferred customer tree and the most powerful essential life code tree. The enrollment tree can be as many persons you like; it is your first step when you enroll in the business. The team commission tree is a binary tree, just two legs directly below you and can be infinitely deep, and it is the team where your residual income is generated. The preferred customer tree and their purchases function as an extension of you and your purchases in the enrollment tree. Finally the essential life code tree is where your essentials IBO(eIBO) reside, this is the source or your success on Efoods Global.

Their compensation plan is based on a binary structure of the team commission tree. Efoods Global give you a 10% commission on the sales volume of the under-performing leg. The plan itself is a smart design and a fabulous success tool. The earnings come from four different directions and those directions are subdivided in nine different ways. There are 3 methods available to earn for active IBO’s and all 9 methods available for active eIBO’s. You’ll be ranked according to your enrollment tree with five different titles, bronze, silver, gold, emerald and diamond. From bronze to diamond as your ranking gets higher the company offers bonuses and performance based rewards for specific achievements. As any other multilevel marketing opportunity your earnings will depend on your skill set and individual effort.

Having at their side such products, business structures and a superb compensation plan, Efoods Global is a magnificent multilevel marketing opportunity by itself. Having said that, it is also important to let you know all of this doesn’t make you a profitable home based business. When you become an enrolled member, you need a system able to produce a sustained stream of prospects to build up your four different trees. Marketing using traditional methods such as radio, TV and newspaper can be out of reach for new entrepreneurs. Online methods instead are quite affordable and convenient to handle from the comfort of your home.

You can find the proper coaching and mentoring for the online methods by visiting [].

Antonio Pineiro. Electronic engineer and IT specialist has decided reorient his live as home based business owner. Antonio is a coach for internet entrepreneurs and for people willing to bring their traditional business into the new and exciting internet world. Antonio resides on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Antonio strongly believe in the success of motivated people willing to commit time and effort on training and supported by the right coaching methods.